“It is empowering to wear something beautiful.”


Hailing from small Clay, West Virginia, living the American dream was always the plan as Dartanya Butcher, founder of the well known fashion house simply known as ‘Dartanya’ has never taken or accepted second best in anything. This fashion house unlike many other strives  for creative movement while not sacrificing its owners sense of style nor her fierce individualistic streak. This enables her to keep the ideas fresh, positive yet presentable.  Knowing that clothing makes or breaks the man or woman, Dartanya has the sensibilities of a conservative but the ability to stay in touch with the clothing that people are comfortable wearing whether at work, play or a high society function. Not a one stop shop as she likes to say but a one stop opportunity , that is the mantra as the bold and daring Ms. Butcher takes on the world with an arsenal of credibility, creativity and triumph of skill.


Dartanya is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Fashion Design. Her senior collection won critic’s choice award from Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello.

Multiple fashion shows to show case work as well as worked backstage for Nary Manivong as well as others. Pushlished in MF when she designed under TBGR and Interned in NYC for Pencey

Head of wardrobe for programming on The Cool World internet television network




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