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Friday, January 13th, 2012


Friday, January 13th, 2012



Special Thanks to Designers Cassie Bartlett & Bethany Arrington for putting up with the madness and creating wonderful clothing along side Dartanya . Special Thanks to Model and Assistant Michael & Tina.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


                     My inspiration recently came to me while I was on a tour of the Weston State Hospital in Weston, WV. From 1863 until 1994, it was a hospital for the insane. The architecture of this building was itself inspired by Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride. Dr. Kirkbride believed that institutional buildings would promote a healthy response from the insane and convey a sense of decorum. The Weston Hospital and many others for the insane are ” Kirkbride Buildings”. These buildings are works of art with attention given to every detail, some palatial in their design While admiring this dynamic structure, I kept thinking about the people who were restrained inside its walls. After the tour, my mind kept returning to this magnificent building and the people who inspired its design. While searching for information about this building, I realized how many people had been locked away because of society’s perceptions. I also realized that Dr. Kirkbride perceived that beauty could heal shattered minds. Certainly, beauty sometimes helps heal a wounded spirit, and we can feel better when wearing a beautiful garment, however the perception of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thus, this beautiful building and its former occupants inspired my “Perception” collection. My collection represents strong beautiful structure and design. Through bold wraps and asymmetrical lines, I represent this in my designs. The frayed materials represent those souls whose minds were fragile or destroyed. The conceptual constraints lock closures and wrapps that confine the arms in my designs represent those held unjustly, along with my choice of closures. Exposed zippers give a glimpse of rawness and vulnerability of the souls forever lost within these institutions. Those whose voices were not heard inspire the printing on the design, their case files and lost words, and what they saw locked away and forgotten. I dedicate this collection in their memory. My collection may bring to mind words such as anger, beauty, despair, alone, forgotten, vunerable, fragile, restrained, and pain. Challenged your mind will be, to explore the designs and the concept behind them. Each one of you will perceive my designs differently. Dr. Kirkbride believed his perception of beauty would heal people’s minds, just as perceptions of the insane sometimes placed others in these beautiful structures unjustly. Some may perceive my inspiration insane and my designs may be misunderstood. Nevertheless, I perceive my collection leaving a lasting impression on your minds and “Perception ” is a beautiful and powerful thing


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